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Summer Choice Ryan
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Normal skin, Beauty White skin and Honey skin (from left) 




Daydream 2017 Summer Choice Ryan / Ryan in Love

no make-up head, selected body, cushions, default box are included

- Make-up(with acrylic eyes), Dress, Shoes, Wigs can be added through the drop down options
- Body Type Selection


*Special Feature for Summer Choice* 


- Skin Color Choice (Normal/Beauty White/Honey) 

  * $40 optional fees will be added for the Honey skin selection. 

10 percent of product price (except the option fees) will be given as reward points.




 head type : Ryan / Ryan in Love

 eyes :  Crystal Acrylic Eyes Moss Green 16mm

 make-up : design by Chloe Page

                mass produce by atelier OZ



* Girlish / Boyish make-up pictures for the reference - CLICK!


 dress : Sailor Cardigan, Boat Neck Top, Shorts, Neck Ribbon, Hat, Socks and Necklace


            design by the pages 



Pre-order will be taken from

August 25th 17:00 - September 1st 17:00

:: Order will be cancelled automatically if the payment is not confirmed in 3 days from the order date. 

:: Materials for the default set can be changed without a notice.


:: For Honey skin, there is a possibility of color difference between the parts

   and marbling can be shown on some parts.

   Also some scratches from the sanding process is more visible than lighter skin.


:: 9 - 14 weeks needed for the preparation and shipping schedule can be adjusted by the chosen options 

   (Honey skin might needs more time than normal or beauty white skin)

:: Color in pictures may vary depending on the monitor setting 





Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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