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Daydream Glass Eyes 14mm
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14mm regular - Summer Shower

14mm regular - Ginerale

14mm regular - Cameo Blue

14mm regular - Butternut

Sideview of 14mm regular - Cameo Blue

14mm Narrow - Mulberry

14mm Narrow - December Skiy

14mm Narrow - Summer Shower

14mm Narrow - Cameo Blue

Sideview of 14mm Narrow - Butternut

Daydream Glass Eyes 14mm Pre-order

- a pair of selected glass eyes are included

:: Special Features for the pre-order

* 10 percent of product price will be given as reward points

Pre-order will be taken from 17:00(UTC +09:00 SEOUL), November 26th to 17:00(UTC +09:00 SEOUL), December 10th, 2019

:: 6-8 weeks to prepare will be needed
If you purchase the eyes with other products, shipping will be started the all items are ready.

* The price will be increased when regular release.
* After the regular release, the stocked quanity will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis without any notice.

:: Due to the hand made circumstances of this product, there may be some individual differences
:: Made with fragile material, please handle them with extra care
:: Exchange and refund are not acceptable for air bubbles, lines or dots on eyes and the individual difference between the two eyes.

:: Color in the pictures may vary depends on your monitor setting

Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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