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English Rose Fabien + Girl Body




Cinnamon Fabien + Little Prince Body





Warm Beige Fabien

English Rose Fabien + Girl Body + Make-up

14mm regular glass eyes - Butternut

Cinnamon Fabien + Little Prince Body + Make-up

14mm regular glass eyes - Cameo Blue 






Daydream Fabien Head Pre-order 

no make-up Fabien head

- Wig, Dress, Eyes shown in the pictures are not included

  (Glass Eyes can be purchased separately through the page -> CLICK )

- Make-up(with eyelash) can be added through the drop down options

- Former version Fair Lady, Girl and Prince body can be added through the body option.



 head type : Fabien / Limited

 make-up : design by Chloe Page

                Mass produce by Daydream




:: Special Features for Head pre-order

* Skin color choice of Warm Beige / English Rose / Cinnamon 

  ** Head and Body set purchasing is highly recommended for the Cinnamon skin because of the compatibility with the previous skin color. 

  ** Addition fees will be applied for the Cinnamon skin. 


* 10 percent of product price will be given as reward points


* No additional shipping charge for the body option (10% points will not be applied for the body price)



* the renewal process is planned for the bodies,

  Body Aftercare 50% discount coupon will be included for Body option

** Renewal Body will have the new joint system and the price will be raised. 

Pre-order will be taken from

17:00(UTC +09:00 SEOUL), November 26th, 2019 to 17:00(UTC +09:00 SEOUL), December 10th, 2019

:: Order will be cancelled automatically if the payment is not confirmed by 17:00(UTC +09:00 SEOUL), December 10th, 2019

:: Estimated shipping schedule will be informed directly when all the order and the payment confirmation is finished.


:: After estimated shipping schedule is informed out, order cancelation will be accepted by September 21st.

   It is possible to cancel the order after the cancelation period, but in this case following account will not be able to
   participate the next preorder.

:: Color in pictures may vary depending on the monitor setting 


Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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